Account has logged but chat widget is still offline

Some accounts have shared with us that event if they login successfully; the chat widget is still offline. This article will provide you some reasons and solutions when you are in this situation.

1. You are  in Away status

  • If you login via Dashboard to online and chat with visitor

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You should pay attention to your state in the upper-left corner of Dashboard. If you are “Away” state, please change into Available or type shortcut Ctrl +Alt +S.

  • If you login via IM Client

The IM Client app always exits a state “Away on close” at Settings. It will help your account automatically moved to “Away” if you leave chat app (run in background)

Find and turn it off at Settings

2. Logging wrong account

It happens when you login by a different account to the presented account on your website.

To check whether your login is right or not, please get the ID of chat box on your website and compare to that of the account you are logging

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Note: Get ID account in Setting > Installation


3. Account disconnected Dashboard

For some reasons, your dashboard connection is interrupted and turns your account into offline state.

You can press F5 the Dashboard to make sure that your account is not been disconnecting.

Read more about the reasons of Dashboard disconnection


4. Browsing website before logging account

If you browse your website before logging into Subiz Dashboard,  the chat box will still be at offline state.  That’s time, please press F5 or move into another page and come back later to reload page and check.


5. Problem comes from department management

When you divide your agents into departments, the state of department will decide the state of all agents belong to that department. If you forget to activate ON status for department, visitor will realize that all agents in this department are offline at that time.

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To check and activate department state, please click Agent > Department >turn ON