Table of contents

What is agent?
How to log in and status
Create a new agent
Block/Edit/Delete agent

What is agent?

Agent is the person who uses Subiz to chat with visitors. Agent is divided into 2 types: Normal and Admin.

  • Normal agent: Only can chat with visitors
  • Admin agent: These agents have rights to manage, customize settings, change permissions for normal agents.

Each agent will have a profile with username, email, password…You can create more agents to set up a support team.


Notice: You cannot login 2 agents simultaneously on the same device.

Login and Status

Agents login with username or email and password. When logging into chat application, you need to pay attention to Status. The status affects your ability to receive chat.

  • Available: This means you can receive chats from visitors. The chat widget on website will be online mode. Visitors can start a conversation. Remember that this should be used when you’re ready for chats.
  • Away: This status shows that you’re currently busy, you don’t receive new chats, but you can still talk in existing chats.

The status can be changed at the upper right portion of Dashboard page.

Create new agent accounts

To set up a new agent accounts, go to Dashboard > Agent tab > Add more agent


The registration form includes:

  • Name: Agent’s name, this will be displayed in the chat widget on website.
  • Email: This used for agents to login dashboard page. Email cannot be changed.
  • Username: Agents can use this to login dashboard or IM clients using XMPP/Jabber Protocol. Note that, username must start with alphabet character, contains only lower-case text, number and at least 6 characters.
  • Password


  • Job title: For example: Supporter, Salesman, CEO… This information will be showed right below Agent’s name on chat widget.
  • Timezone: Choose your country’s timezone. This affects your dashboard conversation time.
  • Language (Dashboard language): English
  • Department: If you want to organize agent by groups you have to create department and select the department that you want to add this agent to. One agent can attend to several departments.
  • Type: Normal and Admin
  • Status: ON/OFF. Agent only can log into Dashboard if its status is ON
  • Avatar: Agent’s profile picture. It’s displayed on chat widget.

Notice: Only agents in ON mode are charged for subscription.

Lock/Edit/Delete agent

To edit information you need to select that agent in the list and click  Edit.


To disable one agent, click Edit and switch OFF

Notice: Agent OFF cannot log in Dashboard

To Delete agent, also click Edit  and select Delete right above avatar changing portion.


Notice: Locking/deleting an agent will not clear history data. But if you remove an agent account  you cannot use that agent’s email address again.

Agent-level permission

Agent in Subiz is divided into 2 types: Admin and Normal with different level permission

  • Admin: Agent in this type have full rights: Chat with visitors, see their and their teammate’s chat history and report, change settings…
  • Normal: Cannot change settings except Canned responses, chat with visitor. Admin have rights to manage normal agent’s permission to see chat history, statistics.

To manage agent-level permission, go to

  • Dashboard > Settings > In general settings, click Permission > Edit
  • Choose agent type: Normal


  • Chat: See teammates’ chat content. If you don’t select this option, normal agents only can see their own chat content.
  • History: Allow agents to view others’ chat history
  • Reports: Normal agents have rights to see full chat statistics if you tick in this option.

Manage department

Dividing your chat agents into groups or departments helps visitors to reach right representatives without transfering. For example: Technical department, Payment, Household appliance, Digital devices…

For each department you need to add at least one agent. One agent can be added into several departments.

To set up new department: go to Dashboard > Agent tab > Department


To show department options on chat widget for visitors to choose before starting a chat you have to enable pre-chat form survey and select: Require department