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Why should I upgrade Subiz account?

  • Subiz cost just from $9,59/agent/month
  • Live chat service is one of the most basic tool – extremely necessary for all e-commerce sites. Subiz live chat enables you enhance sales results, customer support and customer satisfaction
  • Upgrade Subiz account into paid plan, you will own more than 40 functions that enable you connect, interact directly to customer without limitation

Subiz has flexible design to match with the variable demands of each enterprises. You should consider the best plan for your demand.

In below, there are some questions you might face to when using Subiz

What feature does Trial Plan have?
What is going on after 30 trial days?
How long does free- package last?
What kind of pricing package are available ?
Where can I upgrade my account?

What feature does Trial Plan have?

Features available in the Trial are parallel to those of the Standard plan. Besides, you can use 100 agent and add as many agent as you want,

Trial will be lasted for 30 days since the day you have signed up your account.

What is going on after 30 trial days

After 30 trial days, you have to decide whether upgrade account or not. In case you do not, Subiz system will automatically downgrade your account into Free plan

How long does Free-plan last?

Free plan can be lasted forever. And, the time depends on your demand

What kind of pricing plans are available ?

There are 3 plans are available: Free. Standard and Advanced Plan

With Free plan, you are totally can login and chat with customer. However, please take a minute to see our comparison among plans


Free plan



(Auto invite customer, auto response to the first message of customer, recognize special customer group,…)
03 Unlimited
Chat history 07 days 03 months 06 months
Export file (history chat) Yes Yes
Canned responses Yes Yes
Limit chat number 60 chats Unlimited Unlimited
Litmit the number of chat at the same time 05 100 200
Pricing $ 00 From $11.99/agent/month From $21/agent/month
Note: Upgrade your account into Paid plan, you can use full functions in the best way

Take a look at

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Consultant for suitable package
  • Payment frequently question

Where can I upgrade my account?

Please login > Subscription
Or click into:
And next, follow steps on:

Chat :
We are always here for support

Open chat widget by clicking into a text or image on website

This article is written to inform that you have more than one way to open chat widget on website.

Base on the requirement of customers, Subiz has provided some convenient ways that enables you turn chat widget just by an image or text.  That, of course not only brings the convienience to your customer but also makes your website more attractive.


Widget On Desktop

Paste this code into website’s HTML

  • Text:
    <a href=”#nogo”onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”>contact</a>
  • Image:
    <a href=”#nogo” onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”><img src=”image  url”></a>


In case you want to hide the Subiz chat button,  customize in Subiz CSS:

Step 1: Log in

Log in Dashboard > Settings > Theme > Customize

Step 2:  Paste  this script

Step 3: Save changes

Widget ON Mobile devices

To offer a better browsing experience for customer using mobile, you can choose to hide chat widget on your pages and replace by another theme. This feature is extremly useful if your website has already had Menu tool including Call, Email or Chat.


To customize this feature, you must intervent into the CSS of website. So, you should ask the help from website adminitrator

Following our steps:

Step 1:  Hide chat widget on mobile devices (to replace by another).

Add following  script to your Subiz  Dashboard CSS

Step 2: Put image button into website

Use the below script into the website
<a href=”#nogo” class=”subiz-expand” onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”><img src=” image url”></a>

Step 3: Add this script into the bottom of  Desktop version 

Step 4: Copy and paste this script into the bottom of Mobile version 


If you have trouble with design or select suitable button for chat widget, let us know via chat on or email us

Agent types and permission

Agent is the person who will log in Subiz system to work with customer.
Each agent owns one account included: Name, Email and Username

Once register, you cannot change Email and Username.

Base on the roles in Subiz live chat, there are 3 types of agents corresponding to 3 types of accounts in Subiz

  1. Owners
  2. Administrators
  3. Normal agent

1. Owner

Owner is corresponded to the owner account which registers and creates Subiz lience.
This agent owns supreme rights such as: adding ,deleting, locking, unlocking, changing setting, decentralizing other agents.

Owner is always in ON state.

Note that only owner has right to access Subscription to check as well as manage service package’s information.

Each account system has only one owner. If you need change owner, you have to send request to for our assistance.


2. Adminitrator

Agent belong to administrator group takes role as team leader in real life. This account has every rights like Owner except for accessing to Subscription

On your Subiz account system, it is better if you limit your administrator in 1 or 2 account(s) to manage settings.


3. Normal agent

Normal Agent (or normal account)  just has basic rights such as: chatting and observing visitors’ actions

On Setting, normal agent only can set up and use canned response, chat tag

Owner or Adminitrator  can decentralize  normal agent to view the chat content of other agents or not. 


Subiz message delivery status

While you are chatting with visitors, sometimes, your messages are not delivered to customer. So what’s happen? This page is designed to help you walk through troubleshooting steps to diagnose and hopefully fix the problem.

Firstly, you should understand Subiz message status mechanism. This mechanism has been developed and updated on August, 2015 by Subiz. We use some different symbols to describe the state of message. By this one, you will know at a glance where the conversation stands.


1. Translucent (semi-transparent) message


Via descriptions above, you might understand a part of Subiz message status. However, after working with our clients, we realize that the number of semi-transparent cases is more frequently than others. That’s why we want to focus on this phenomenon: translucent message.

When you see translucent message, it means the message has been sent to the Subiz serve but hasn’t reached Subiz chat widget. So, your customer hasn’t received the message yet!

2. Why does translucent message happen?


Translucent happens  because by the time you send message, your visitor has been disconnected from Subiz serve. There are some reasons for this disconnection such as:

 + Visitor device gets internet’s disconnection

 + Visitor has loaded your page or turned into new page

+ Visitor has closed your website

Especially, visitors who are browsing from mobile devices: Right after their screen is not in your website, their website connection will be interrupted immediately.

ảnh 14

If visitor doesn’t re-connect within 60s, Subiz will inform: “Visitor is offline”

3. What should you do in this case?


The message stored in Subiz serve will be sent to visitor right after they reconnect to your website. You should wait 5s or 10s and resend message to certain that customer just has been disconnected temporarily.

To minimize the number of undelivered message, Subiz strongly recommends that you reply customer as soon as possible to decrease customer’s waiting time which might cause them to leave your website

For futher information about Subiz message status, do not hesitate to contact us. We always stand by you for effective support.


Oops! My dashboard has been disconnected

While you are working, your Dashboard may be disconnected and some messages will be shown up:

ảnh 5


ảnh 6

Don’t worry. We have been in contact with  customers who raised complaints of such phenomenons to investigate the situation and has found out the reasons:

  • Your computer is automatically set into sleep mode because of not being activated for a while
  • Your internet connection is not stable
  • Your account is logged from somewhere else. If you log in another device or another dashboard at the same browser, your account will be disconnected also.
While you are disconnecting, Subiz certains that all of your conservation data are saved and safety

Right after your account is reconnected successfully; Subiz will notify you and your customer on chat widget.

anh 11

In case your account  is frequently disconnected, feel free to chat with us via or send your email to We always welcome your feedback to serve the best support.


Account has logged but chat widget is still offline

Some accounts have shared with us that event if they login successfully; the chat widget is still offline. This article will provide you some reasons and solutions when you are in this situation.

1. You are  in Away status

  • If you login via Dashboard to online and chat with visitor

annhr 7

You should pay attention to your state in the upper-left corner of Dashboard. If you are “Away” state, please change into Available or type shortcut Ctrl +Alt +S.

  • If you login via IM Client

The IM Client app always exits a state “Away on close” at Settings. It will help your account automatically moved to “Away” if you leave chat app (run in background)

Find and turn it off at Settings

2. Logging wrong account

It happens when you login by a different account to the presented account on your website.

To check whether your login is right or not, please get the ID of chat box on your website and compare to that of the account you are logging

ảnh 8

Note: Get ID account in Setting > Installation


3. Account disconnected Dashboard

For some reasons, your dashboard connection is interrupted and turns your account into offline state.

You can press F5 the Dashboard to make sure that your account is not been disconnecting.

Read more about the reasons of Dashboard disconnection


4. Browsing website before logging account

If you browse your website before logging into Subiz Dashboard,  the chat box will still be at offline state.  That’s time, please press F5 or move into another page and come back later to reload page and check.


5. Problem comes from department management

When you divide your agents into departments, the state of department will decide the state of all agents belong to that department. If you forget to activate ON status for department, visitor will realize that all agents in this department are offline at that time.

ảnh 9

To check and activate department state, please click Agent > Department >turn ON


Problems with Dashboard logging

When login Dashboard, you might face to some notifications about verifying your account information that prevents you logging successfully. In this article, Subiz will show you some cases and solutions.

1. Wrong user or password

sửa 3


In this case, you have to check whether your login information such as email, username has been right or not?

If you are not sure about password, reset your password follow instruction

Subiz will send reset password link to registered email. So, make sure that you are the owner of registered email

2. The agent has been locked

This message means that the agent is not the account owner. He or she is locked and on OFF state.

sửa 2


To unlock this agent, you need contact to owner or administrator account. They have to login Dashboard > Agent > Choosing locked Agent > Edit > Click ON

3. The agent has been suspended

  • If you are owner account

Your account has been suspended automatically from Subiz system because you didn’t verify via Subiz email within 24 hours from the moment you signed up.

ảnh 3

Subiz allows each email to register only one account in system. So, you have to re-register by another email and remember to confirm your account via email.

  • If you are not owner account

Your account was deleted by administrator. You can contact them to add new agent for you from Dashboard.


Dashboard >> Agent >> Add Agent

Note that new agent has to be created by new email and new username

If you still cannot login after checking all case above, do not hesitate to send email to for perfect support.



Chat widget does not display on website

You might not see Subiz chat widget display on your website. Fear not! You might be on some cases have been detected by Subiz. On this page, Subiz will describe some cases and solutions.

1. Has not embedded Subiz code to Website source code yet


Embedding Subiz code to your website. To get Subiz widget code, you can log in Dashboard >> Setting >> Installations

Subiz widget code 1

After that, paste the Subiz widget code right before the </body> tag in HTML code. You should ask the help of website administrator to make sure that the code has been put in right position.

2. Subiz widget code is in incorrect position


Subiz widget code has to be placed  right before the </body> tag in HTML code

You have to insert widget code into  every page you want to show the widget on.

Detail instruction

3. Your account has been suspended

In this case, you have to sign up another account by new username and email. Replacing old Subiz widget code by the new one.

4. Website is using Cloudflare service  activated Rocket loader


Add attribute:  data-cfasync=”false” into Subiz widget code

New code will be:

  <script data-cfasync=”false”   type=’text/javascript’>window._sbzq||function(e){e._sbzq=[];var  t=e._sbzq;t.push([“_setAccount”,36]);var  n=e.location.protocol==”https:”?”https:”:”http:”;var  r=document.createElement(“script”);r.type=”text/javascript”;r.asyn c=true;r.src=n+”//”;var  i=document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)}(window);</script>

5. Website is using Smarty code format


Add {literal} {/literal} tag into Subiz widget code.

New code will be:

<script type=’text/javascript’>{literal}window._sbzq||function(e){e._sbzq=[];var t=e._sbzq;t.push([“_setAccount”,23765]);var n=e.location.protocol==”https:”?”https:”:”http:”;var r=document.createElement(“script”);r.type=”text/javascript”;r.async=true;r.src=n+”//”;var i=document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)}(window);{/literal}</script>

In case you install Subiz via plugin or extension, you are advised to read and implement following our instruction:

If you are not in these cases, please kindly send your website and account to . We will reply as soon as we can!