Canned responses

Canned responses is a set of message templates so you can quickly reply to website visitors using shortcuts.



  • This feature is not available for free package.
  • To reply with canned responses, type “/shortcut” in the chat box and hit enter, with shortcut being what you defined when creating each canned response.
  • When you type words which belongs to one of messages in library, Subiz will also suggest you with canned responses containing that word.

Manage canned responses

Create message templates

  1. Go to Dashboard > Untitled-2Settings > Agent tools > Canned responses
  2. Click Create canned responses and fill in the message template with shortcut

Be reminded that the message can’t have more 250 characters.

Edit, Delete and search for canned responses


  • Click Edit/Delete buttons to modify each canned response
  • Search for canned responses by keyword on the search box. It’s recommended that you use shortcuts which relate to the message content, so it will be easier for you to look up later.

Import/export canned responses library

Subiz allows you to import/export canned responses simply by clicking Import/export buttons. With this feature you can easily share your response library with other agents.


Manually create a canned response library to import: Create an Excel sheet with 2 columns for message and shortcut. Save as .CSV file and import to Subiz dashboard.

Share canned responses with agents from the same account

If your agent account is Administrator, you can share the response library with other agents by checking “Share” box when creating new responses.