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Keyboard shortcuts on Dashboard

Agents can use several keyboard shortcuts on Subiz dashboard as simple commands. These are shortcuts for most common actions and tasks, allowing agents to save time and work effectively

Below is the list of all keyboard shortcuts available on Subiz dashboard:
TabSwitching among chat windows

Pressing Tab allows you to quickly switch between chat windows. Be reminded that a chat window must be active for this shortcut to work.

EscClosing a chat window

Quickly close a chat window without clicking (-) or (x) at the corner.

Ctrl Alt SSwitching between Away and Available status

Since no agent can stay available all the time, this shortcut comes into handy when urgency situations come up. When an agent is busy, he/she can quickly switch to Away status and then switch it back to Available when he/she comes back to work.

Always remember to switch your status to Away when you are busy, this will effectively reduce the number of missed chat.

Ctrl VPaste to send screenshot image

If you are using Subiz Dashboard on Chrome browser, to share a screenshot of your screen, press Prtsc to take the screenshot then go to the chat window, press Ctrl + V to send the image.

Have an idea for new shortcuts? Share with us via!


Personalize chat messages with variables

The term “Variables” refers to values that can change. In Subiz, these are customer’s information like: Name, Email, Phone number…

You can get these information by using API or survey form before chatting with visitors.

These information will help you to personalize the conversation, hence making the visitors feel the friendliness and experience the best of your service.

Inserting variables in chat messages

Type the below variables in your messages and it will be replaced with visitor’s actual information:

  • {name} – Visitor’s name
  • {email} – Visitor’s email
  • {phone} – Visitor’s phone number

This applies to all kinds of chat messages, including chat invitation trigger and canned response.

Making the best out of variable

1. Chat invitation, automated message from trigger

To send an automated greeting message with visitor’s name in it, add this message to your trigger action:

  • Hello {name}. Welcome to our website!
  • Hello {name}. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any problem!

2. Canned response

Integrating variables in canned responses will help you save time answering the same questions while keeping the message friendly and personal. For example:

  • Thank you {name}. We will send you detailed information to your email address {email} in a few minutes.
  • I’m glad to be of assistance, {name}. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

Besides name, email and phone number, more variables will be updated soon. Stay tuned! Subiz will help you make the best out of your customer service.

Measuring your live chat effectiveness

Utilizing live chat is now a trend for a better business-customers interaction. For its excellent benefits, this new interaction trend is surpassing the traditional methods like email, phone or Facebook.


You want to know how much live chat actually helps your business? In this article, Subiz will show you which metrics you should track and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of live chat application.

Conversion rate

Having another interaction channel means you have more chance to win a customer. There is no better time to convert a customer than when he is wondering about your product.


Using Subiz live chat will help you influence customer’s purchase decision. That’s why tracking the change in conversion rate is so important. Use customer management systems to accurately measure this rate.

Relationship development and feedback from customers

This is both a qualitative and quantitative metric for evaluating live chat.

  • Identifying the group of potential customers
  • Bringing more value and increase customer satisfaction

To measure this metric, you can check Subiz’s rating report. But for better insights, read the transcripts to see if customers are really happy with the support they received.

show conversation - history-en

Handle time of support team

Handle time is a critical criteria that determine a customer’s satisfaction, as no one wants to wait forever to get help. Agent can quickly respond to visitors using canned responses.

In additional to that, with a clear picture about average website visitors, agent can quickly address their problem and provide better support.  Analyze conversations between website visitors and agents to fully understand them.


Once your agents understand your customers, handle time will be improved remarkably, and so does customers’ satisfaction level.

The number of complaints and returns

Chatting directly with agents helps customers to understand their problem better, e.g. the products they want to buy or the service they need, hence getting the best experience with your company.

If they are happy with your support team, then the number of complaints and returns will be reduced considerably. Keep track of this metric to see if live chat has positive impact on your customers.

Optimizing marketing campaigns with live chat statistics

Subiz live chat provide you a lot of information about each website visitors. You can learn where they come from before landing on your website; which pages they chat from the most…


From these statistics, optimize your marketing campaigns for better results.

Agent’s working performance

Live chat is a new channel for your staff to prove their ability, handle customers’ problem and sell to them.

By monitoring the conversations and rating report, you can make accurate employee assessment. Hence allocating your resource for the best customer service.

If you have any problems with evaluating the effectivness of live chat, let us know. Subiz is always available to help!

Missed chat

Table of Content:

What is missed chat?
Where can I view missed chat report?
How to filter missed chat in history?
What is solution for missed chats?

What is Missed Chat?

Missed chat is a conversation which only contains messages of website visitor. In other words, when a visitor sends a chat request, if there is not any responses from agents before the conversation ends,it will be counted as a missed chat.

Where can I view missed chat report?

There are two online statuses when you are working on Subiz,are Available and Away.

Each missed chat will be counted to available agent who has received the chat request but did not responded. This chat will also be counted to the department which that agent belongs to.

To view the number of missed conversation in a specific period of time, go to Dashboard > Report > Chat.


You can click to Choose Agent/Department at the right corner to evaluate the performance of each agent or department  based on chat quantity and available time (Go to Availability to view this indicator).

Filter missed chats

In addition to missed chat quantity chart on Report page, you can view what problem visitor has, when the conversation started and how long he/she had to wait before leaving without receiving any support.

Go to Dashboard > History > Type > Missed Chat. You can also filter by agent and department to view how many missed chat each agent/department has.

filter type-en

How to reduce Missed Chat

It is necessary to update Subiz report routinely to evaluate your support team performance. If the missed chat quantity increases sharply, Subiz will support you in controlling the situation and providing suitable solutions.

Check below for our recommendations to effectively reduce the number of missed chat:



Using Messages – MacOS

In the following article, we will show you how to use Messages to connect Subiz account on MacOS.

  1. Open Messages application on MacOS Dock.


    If you can’t find it, press Command + Space to search.

  2. Choose Add account


  3. Other messages account


  4. Type username – password


  • Username: Your Subiz account’s username + For example:

Now you just click back to Jabber List to monitor your potential visitors and start chatting with them.


Using Xabber – Android OS

In the following article, Subiz will show you how to use Xabber to connect your agent account on Android mobile devices.


  1. Open Google Play Store to search and download Xabber application.Xabber-1
  2. Intall and allow notification for this app.

Adding Subiz account

  1. Open Xabber > Choose Add Account buttonXabber-2
  2. Type username – passwordXabber-3


  • Username: Your Subiz account’s username + For example:

Now you just press Back button on your device to go to Visitor page.


Chat commands

Chat commands are special features to help agents transfer chat, end chat, save customer’s information more quickly. The following are all the chat commands integrated into Subiz Live Chat:

  • !name
  • !phone
  • !email
  • !end
  • !transfer
  • !block
  • !tag


This command is used for saving visitor’s name. This will help you make the next conversation more personalized.

For example: !name Harvey


This command is used for recording visitor phone number.

For example: !phone 0959 548 4378


Use this command to remember visitor email.

For example: !email


No need to click End Chat button, this command is definitely the faster way to end chat.


Agents can use chat transfer to hand over their chats to others in case they’re busy or the question is out of their knowledge. Instead of clicking into Action at the top of right corner of chat window, you can use this command to transfer the conversation and reduce waiting time.

There are 2 ways you can transfer:

  • !transfer + note: This command will send a chat request to all available agents.
    For example: !transfer Kindly help me support this customer
  • !transfer + @agent name: This command will send a chat request to a specific available agent.
    For example: !transfer anhdo123


After using this command to block the visitor, the chat widget on customer website will be hidden.


This command is used for putting a tag on the visitor. Just simply type !tag and an existed tag name.

For example: !tag sale


Using Pidgin – Windows

In this article, Subiz will let you know how to chat in Pidgin.


Click here to download Pidgin application to your PC

Add Subiz account

After installation follow those steps to add Subiz account:

  1. Accounts > Manage Accounts
  2. Click into Add
  3. An account adding form will appear:
  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: Your Subiz account’s username
  • Domain: (Always)
  • Password:
  1. After adding account, back to Account Manage table to Enable your account

Start chatting

Buddy list will show all visitors and agents who are online. Click into visitors to sending chat request.


  • You can enable several accounts at the same time
  • Change sound setting by click into Tools > Preferences.
  • Agent can chat with each other if using Pidgin


Using Trillian – Windows

If you want to use Trillian application to connect your Subiz account, you can follow steps below:


  1. Click here to download setup file
  2. Install it1
  3. In the final step in installation, sign up an account3
  4. After finishing all steps, launching app and log in with Trillian account you’ve just registered

Add Subiz account

  1. Click into Trillian icon as the following image5
  2. Choose Manage Accounts
  3. You will see Preferences window. Select Add a new account > Jabber/XMPP6
  4. Type information8
  • JID: username + For example:
  • Password:
  1. Click into Connect

Start chatting

After loggin in sucessfully you will see the status as the image below:

You will see all online visitors in tab Contact


Using Adium – Mac OS

We recommend using Adium with Subiz as it lets you log in using multiple screen names simultaneously, separating business and personal chats for example.


  1. Click link to download Adium to your laptop.
  2. Installing it

Add Subiz account

  1. Open Adium > Click into Menu Adium at the top right coner
  2. Choose Preferences > Accountsadium1
  3. You will see icon to Add accounts > Jabber (XMPP)adium21
  4. Type your JID and password


  • Jabber ID: Your username + For instance: Your username is anna123

So your JID will be:

  • Password: Your Subiz account’s password

Start chatting

Ater finishing setting up, you can choose Available status to start being online and receive chat request from visitors