Chat tag

This feature allow you to add tags to Chats and offline messages, hence categorizing them based on the content.

Create new tags

  1. In Subiz Dashboard, go to Untitled-2Settings > Agent tools > Tags
  2. Enter tag name and click Add tagadd-tag

The new tag will be displayed on the tag list


  • Only Admin agent can create tags
  • Tag name can contain number and special characters, including spaces

Add tags to On-going conversation

  1. Click Add a tag under the text input box
  2. Select tags from the tag list.windowchat-add-tag

Only agent having the conversion or admin agent can add tags.

Tag from chat history

You can also add tags to ended conversions by going to chat history

Only when an agent is allowed see chat history then he can add tags to them.tag-history

Remove tags

Simply click (x) icon on the tags to remove them from a conversation.


  • You can add multiple tags to a conversation
  • Type !tag to quickly add tag to a conversation from Subiz dáh

Filter chat history by tags

  1. Go to chat History
  2. Click on Tag, select a tag to filter conversations with that taghistory