Chat widget does not display on website

You might not see Subiz chat widget display on your website. Fear not! You might be on some cases have been detected by Subiz. On this page, Subiz will describe some cases and solutions.

1. Has not embedded Subiz code to Website source code yet


Embedding Subiz code to your website. To get Subiz widget code, you can log in Dashboard >> Setting >> Installations

Subiz widget code 1

After that, paste the Subiz widget code right before the </body> tag in HTML code. You should ask the help of website administrator to make sure that the code has been put in right position.

2. Subiz widget code is in incorrect position


Subiz widget code has to be placed  right before the </body> tag in HTML code

You have to insert widget code into  every page you want to show the widget on.

Detail instruction

3. Your account has been suspended

In this case, you have to sign up another account by new username and email. Replacing old Subiz widget code by the new one.

4. Website is using Cloudflare service  activated Rocket loader


Add attribute:  data-cfasync=”false” into Subiz widget code

New code will be:

  <script data-cfasync=”false”   type=’text/javascript’>window._sbzq||function(e){e._sbzq=[];var  t=e._sbzq;t.push([“_setAccount”,36]);var  n=e.location.protocol==”https:”?”https:”:”http:”;var  r=document.createElement(“script”);r.type=”text/javascript”;r.asyn c=true;r.src=n+”//static.subiz.com/public/js/loader.js”;var  i=document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)}(window);</script>

5. Website is using Smarty code format


Add {literal} {/literal} tag into Subiz widget code.

New code will be:

<script type=’text/javascript’>{literal}window._sbzq||function(e){e._sbzq=[];var t=e._sbzq;t.push([“_setAccount”,23765]);var n=e.location.protocol==”https:”?”https:”:”http:”;var r=document.createElement(“script”);r.type=”text/javascript”;r.async=true;r.src=n+”//static.subiz.com/public/js/loader.js”;var i=document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)}(window);{/literal}</script>

In case you install Subiz via plugin or extension, you are advised to read and implement following our instruction:

If you are not in these cases, please kindly send your website and account to support@subiz.com . We will reply as soon as we can!