Chat widget on mobile devices

For those websites which is optimized on mobile browser, Subiz chat widget has been designed to be fully responsive. By which, visitors are enable to explore the site and chat in in one web interface. This allows  website visitors to chat with agents in the most convenient way.


The following are some notes for Subiz mobile widget:

  • When visitor minimize the chat widget, it displays as a small button.
  • Similar to desktop version, widget opens directly on website.
  • The chat widget takes up to 90% of the screen area, but not opens to full screen.
  • When chatting with agent, visitors can press Enter to begin a new line and tap “Send” button to send the message.
  • Mobile chat widget are customizable by using CSS but elements such as: height, width
  • Chat bubble is not supported for mobile devices.
  • If you set up an auto invitation trigger, visitor will be notified by a number displayed on chat button instead of automatically open-up chat widget


Customize mobile chat widget

In order to customize mobile widget with CSS, follow these steps:

  1. Login Dashboard > Settings > Chat Widget > Theme
  2. Click on Customization
  3. Insert CSS code, add “#subiz_mobile” to each element.
  • To align chat button:

  • To hide mobile chat widget

  • To customize theme color (button, widget)

  • To change text color and font size

For more CSS customization examples, please refer to this article


  • You can’t change the width and height of mobile chat widget
  • If you want to customize desktop chat widget, use “#subiz_desktop” instead of “#subiz_mobile
  • If you don’t add either “#subiz_desktop” or “#subiz_mobile” before CSS code, then it will be applied for both desktop and mobile version.

If you have any ideas about mobile widget customization, share with us  by writing to support@subiz.com