Chat with visitors

Table of contents

What is a chat?
What is Chat request?
Who can start a chat?
Chat routing
Transfer chat
End chat

What is a Chat?

Chat is the interaction between agents and visitors via chat widget on website. Both agent and visitor can start or end a chat.

There are 2 ways to chat with visitors:


Visitors only can start a chat in a condition that the agent’s status is available.

What is Chat request?

Chat request is created when visitors come to your website and start a chat or they reply to your auto greeting messages.


When you have to handle several chat conversation, you can use “Tab” key to switch between chat windows

Who can start a chat?

Visitor may start chatting with agent by sending message through chat widget on website. Agent will log into Dashboard > Visitors (next to History tab) to proactively chat with visitors

Chat routing

A new request chat will come to all available agents. Who replies firstly will continue the conversation. Another way of receiving a chat you can encounter is through a chat transfer.

Transfering chat

Agents can use chat transfers to hand over their chats to other agents in case they’re busy or the question is out of their knowledge.


You can use the command !transfer @agent’s username to transfer the conversation

For example: !transfer @jamie

Another way to make a chat transfer is click into Action at the top of right corner of chat window. Then choose Transfer. You will be able to choose a specific agent and attach some notes for the receiver to understand quickly.

Ending chat

A conversation will be ended when visitors click into End chat button on the chat widget or agent close the chat window on dashboard.


Agent also can type the command !end to finish.