Dashboard chat window

Chat windows let agents communicate with website visitors from the Dashboard. The window has 2 main parts:

  • Website visitor’s information
  • Conversation content and actions


 Visitor’s information

As in the image above, each visitor will have the following information:

Contact information

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Avatar

Information tab

  • Time on site
  • Location
  • Visitor type (New or returning user)
  • Current page visitor is on
  • Previous pages visitor browsed
  • Reffer
  • IP address
  • Browser
  • OS
  • Label (auto added by Trigger)

Note tab
During the conversation, in any cases if you need to note anything about the visitor then add your note here and it will be saved for future reference.

Chat content and other actions


  • Chat history: If it’s a returning visitor who already chatted before using a same browser, then previous messages will be displayed.
  • On-going conversation: Instant messages are displayed with time stamps. Note: Time stamp is based on agent’s time zone setting.

Actions & tagging

  • Action: Transfer the conversation to other agents; End conversation; Block visitor.
  • Tagging: Add tags to the chat.

Commands for quick action

Add visitor contact information

  • Name: !name + visitor (E.g: !name David)
  • Email: !email + email@domain.com (E.g: !email david@mail.com)
  • Phone number: !number + phone number (E.g: !phone 123456789)

Other actions

  • End chat session: !end
  • Transfer chat to other agent: !transfer @agent’s username (E.g: !transfer @david)
  • Block visitor: !block
  • Add tag: !tag + tagname (E.g: !tag sale)