Oops! My dashboard has been disconnected

While you are working, your Dashboard may be disconnected and some messages will be shown up:

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Don’t worry. We have been in contact with  customers who raised complaints of such phenomenons to investigate the situation and has found out the reasons:

  • Your computer is automatically set into sleep mode because of not being activated for a while
  • Your internet connection is not stable
  • Your account is logged from somewhere else. If you log in another device or another dashboard at the same browser, your account will be disconnected also.
While you are disconnecting, Subiz certains that all of your conservation data are saved and safety

Right after your account is reconnected successfully; Subiz will notify you and your customer on chat widget.

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In case your account  is frequently disconnected, feel free to chat with us via Subiz.com or send your email to support@subiz.com. We always welcome your feedback to serve the best support.