Subiz message delivery status

While you are chatting with visitors, sometimes, your messages are not delivered to customer. So what’s happen? This page is designed to help you walk through troubleshooting steps to diagnose and hopefully fix the problem.

Firstly, you should understand Subiz message status mechanism. This mechanism has been developed and updated on August, 2015 by Subiz. We use some different symbols to describe the state of message. By this one, you will know at a glance where the conversation stands.


1. Translucent (semi-transparent) message


Via descriptions above, you might understand a part of Subiz message status. However, after working with our clients, we realize that the number of semi-transparent cases is more frequently than others. That’s why we want to focus on this phenomenon: translucent message.

When you see translucent message, it means the message has been sent to the Subiz serve but hasn’t reached Subiz chat widget. So, your customer hasn’t received the message yet!

2. Why does translucent message happen?


Translucent happens  because by the time you send message, your visitor has been disconnected from Subiz serve. There are some reasons for this disconnection such as:

 + Visitor device gets internet’s disconnection

 + Visitor has loaded your page or turned into new page

+ Visitor has closed your website

Especially, visitors who are browsing from mobile devices: Right after their screen is not in your website, their website connection will be interrupted immediately.

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If visitor doesn’t re-connect within 60s, Subiz will inform: “Visitor is offline”

3. What should you do in this case?


The message stored in Subiz serve will be sent to visitor right after they reconnect to your website. You should wait 5s or 10s and resend message to certain that customer just has been disconnected temporarily.

To minimize the number of undelivered message, Subiz strongly recommends that you reply customer as soon as possible to decrease customer’s waiting time which might cause them to leave your website

For futher information about Subiz message status, do not hesitate to contact us. We always stand by you for effective support.