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Subiz’s embed code
Embed the code into website
Check the widget on website

Subiz’s embed code

To integrate Subiz chat widget into website, you just need to copy the embed code (mustn’t change any part of it) and paste into pages you want to place the chat widget.

To get embed code you follow all steps below:

  1. Sign in to Dashboard
  2. Click Settings > Installation


Notice: Every single account has different embed code so when you change the account you have to re-install embed code

Embed the code into website

Subiz supports almost all platforms so the installation is very simple. Copy the code and Embed into every pages you want to place the chat widget. Subiz code must be pasted before </head> tag


If your major is not  in technical field, you can follow the full instruction for each website platform including:

Check the chat widget on website

After finishing integration, come back to your website and see if the chat widget displays at the bottom of the right corner or not.


If you still don’t see the chat widget, you can take some more steps to check it in Dashboard:

  1. Sign in Dashboard
  2. Click into Settings > Installation
  3. Paste your website’s URL and click Check


If not successfully you can check the code again and contact Subiz support center.