Open chat widget by clicking into a text or image on website

This article is written to inform that you have more than one way to open chat widget on website.

Base on the requirement of customers, Subiz has provided some convenient ways that enables you turn chat widget just by an image or text.  That, of course not only brings the convienience to your customer but also makes your website more attractive.


Widget On Desktop

Paste this code into website’s HTML

  • Text:
    <a href=”#nogo”onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”>contact</a>
  • Image:
    <a href=”#nogo” onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”><img src=”image  url”></a>


In case you want to hide the Subiz chat button,  customize in Subiz CSS:

Step 1: Log in

Log in Dashboard > Settings > Theme > Customize

Step 2:  Paste  this script

Step 3: Save changes

Widget ON Mobile devices

To offer a better browsing experience for customer using mobile, you can choose to hide chat widget on your pages and replace by another theme. This feature is extremly useful if your website has already had Menu tool including Call, Email or Chat.


To customize this feature, you must intervent into the CSS of website. So, you should ask the help from website adminitrator

Following our steps:

Step 1:  Hide chat widget on mobile devices (to replace by another).

Add following  script to your Subiz  Dashboard CSS

Step 2: Put image button into website

Use the below script into the website
<a href=”#nogo” class=”subiz-expand” onclick=”_sbzq.push([‘expandWidget’]);”><img src=” image url”></a>

Step 3: Add this script into the bottom of  Desktop version 

Step 4: Copy and paste this script into the bottom of Mobile version 


If you have trouble with design or select suitable button for chat widget, let us know via chat on Subiz.com or email us support@subiz.com