Personalize chat messages with variables

The term “Variables” refers to values that can change. In Subiz, these are customer’s information like: Name, Email, Phone number…

You can get these information by using API or survey form before chatting with visitors.

These information will help you to personalize the conversation, hence making the visitors feel the friendliness and experience the best of your service.

Inserting variables in chat messages

Type the below variables in your messages and it will be replaced with visitor’s actual information:

  • {name} – Visitor’s name
  • {email} – Visitor’s email
  • {phone} – Visitor’s phone number

This applies to all kinds of chat messages, including chat invitation trigger and canned response.

Making the best out of variable

1. Chat invitation, automated message from trigger

To send an automated greeting message with visitor’s name in it, add this message to your trigger action:

  • Hello {name}. Welcome to our website!
  • Hello {name}. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any problem!

2. Canned response

Integrating variables in canned responses will help you save time answering the same questions while keeping the message friendly and personal. For example:

  • Thank you {name}. We will send you detailed information to your email address {email} in a few minutes.
  • I’m glad to be of assistance, {name}. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

Besides name, email and phone number, more variables will be updated soon. Stay tuned! Subiz will help you make the best out of your customer service.