Problems with Dashboard logging

When login Dashboard, you might face to some notifications about verifying your account information that prevents you logging successfully. In this article, Subiz will show you some cases and solutions.

1. Wrong user or password

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In this case, you have to check whether your login information such as email, username has been right or not?

If you are not sure about password, reset your password follow instruction

Subiz will send reset password link to registered email. So, make sure that you are the owner of registered email

2. The agent has been locked

This message means that the agent is not the account owner. He or she is locked and on OFF state.

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To unlock this agent, you need contact to owner or administrator account. They have to login Dashboard > Agent > Choosing locked Agent > Edit > Click ON

3. The agent has been suspended

  • If you are owner account

Your account has been suspended automatically from Subiz system because you didn’t verify via Subiz email within 24 hours from the moment you signed up.

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Subiz allows each email to register only one account in system. So, you have to re-register by another email and remember to confirm your account via email.

  • If you are not owner account

Your account was deleted by administrator. You can contact them to add new agent for you from Dashboard.


Dashboard >> Agent >> Add Agent

Note that new agent has to be created by new email and new username

If you still cannot login after checking all case above, do not hesitate to send email to support@subiz.com for perfect support.