Tips for new users

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Create new Subiz account
Start chatting
Set status
Get to know the Dashboard
Customize chat widget
Read useful resources

If you have just started with Subiz, this article will help you understand the most basic things of the products.

Create new Subiz account

If you haven’t had a Subiz account yet, you can register for a new one here. All new accounts can access the free trial of Subiz standard package for 30 days.

If you are a member of your chat team, then your manager (or the one who is in charge of Subiz admin account) can create a new agent account for you from the Dashboard.

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Start chatting

There are 2 methods to chat with website visitors

  • Chat on Dashboard – This is Subiz’s administrator page, where you can configure all settings, receive chat requests and chat with web visitors.

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  • Chat using a third party’s software (IM Clients). The list of chat applications is listed here. You can use your Subiz account to login to these IM clients.
    • When you are using an IM application on mobile, to stay Online even when your screen is lock, simply turn off “Away on close” or “Auto-away” mode in application’s setting.

Agent status

Agent status will directly affect chat request routing. Only agents with “Available” status see new chat requests.

There are 2 online statuses:

  • Available: Ready to chat and can receive new chat requests
  • Away: Cannot receive new chat request, but still can finish on-going chats

To quickly switch your status, press Ctrl + Alt + S

If you are away from keyboard or can’t chat with web visitors, switch your status to “Away” manually so you won’t miss any chat requests. Also be reminded to switch to “Available” when you are ready to chat.

Get to know the Dashboard

There are 3 basic parts of the Dashboard that you have to understand before using it:

  • Online status of visitor
  • Visitor information
  • Actions you can take during a chat

Online status of visitor

In the Dashboard, you can chat with each website visitor in a separate chat window. Visitor status is represented as small colored dot in the minimized chat window.

  • Active visitor: People who are currently on your website and browsing through pages.
  • Idle visitor: People who open your website but isn’t on it, or don’t have any activities in more than 5 minutes.
  • Offline: People who close your website for longer than a minute are considered offline visitor. If they reopen your website after 1 minute, it will be counted as a new session.

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Visitor information

Subiz let you monitor important information of every website visitor, which gives you insights about where are they from and what they are looking into. From these information, you will be able to address and resolve their problems easier.

Visitor information is displayed on the left side of chat window, which included: Name, email, phone number, time on site, type (returning or new visitor), location, label, pages they’re looking at, referrer URL, IP and OS.

Actions you can take during a chat

On the chat window of Dashboard, you can see an Action menu, which allow you to: Transfer chat, end chat, block a visitor.

These actions can also be executed by typing commands in the chat box:

  • !end: End a chat
  • !transfer @username: Transfer the chat to a specific agent
  • !block: Block the visitor

Agent can also tag the conversation from the chat window. This can be done quickly by typing “!tag + tagname” command.

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Customize chat widget

Website visitors will be chatting with you via a chat widget on your website. You can customize its content and appearance so it match your website’s design.

What you can change about the chat widget:

  • Color
  • Logo
  • Default agent avatar
  • Auto chat invite
  • Chat bubble
  • Text

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If you want to change text content on chat widget, also be reminded to change it all for Online/offline chat widget, online/offline button.

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More useful resources

To help you make the best out of your business with Subiz, we have prepared detailed documentation, handbooks and articles. These documents will help you use Subiz in the most effective way.

Subiz’s support heros are also available to help you anytime. You can directly chat with us from Subiz website or drop us a line at support@subiz.com. We are always here to help!