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What is Trigger?
Auto invite visitor for a chat
Auto send message to visitor
Add/remove Label

What is Trigger?

Trigger is powerful tool that enable you classify visitors based on their behavior and automatically process a chain of action on these groups of visitors. The nature of this feature is constantly monitoring visitors, checking against the rules and automatically performing actions such as: invite visitors for a chat after they have read 3 pages, assign labels to store buyers’ information after they purchase; send greetings to visitors from a specific place.

Auto invite visitor for a chat

It is not necessary to monitor and approach every single visitor manually. Instead, you can set some rules for trigger and it will deliberately invite visitor to engage in a live chat interaction. It will helps you to show up in the right place and at the right time. Some common examples of customization can be: auto approaching to visitors after they choose a product (or view product detail); auto inviting visitors when they leave shopping cart without payment; immediately sending chat invitation when they visit your site.

When visitor behavior matches with preset conditions, chat widget will open automatically with sound notification.


In the reality, when visitors come to a store, they can see stuffs by themselve. However, there may be a higher chance to sell product if salesperson appear and say hello. Customers will satisfy with personal support service. It is absolutely similar to the case of online store, visitors will highly appreciate if a representative appears and gives them a greeting. By using trigger, the message will display automatically, all you need to do is waiting and continuing the conversation when visitor response.

Auto send message to visitor

This is another action of trigger. It automatically sends a message to visitors when a conversation start. It is usually implemented to respond to a request chat of visitor or to send more message after auto chat invitation action has been processed.

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Add/Remove Label

Label is what you assign to visitors with the aim of helping agents to recognize their customers. Label will be saved when it is generated until the visitor come back. Some examples of label are: Buyers, Visitors ask quote, Visitors interested in Iphone.

You can define this action by setting trigger. For instance, when visitors view page Iphone, they should be assigned as ‘Visitors interested in Iphone’.

Labels display on Tab Visitor to help you to monitor visitor. The Labels are also transferred to Google Analytics in Event Category Subiz Labels which provides data for analysis and reporting as well as creates groups for remarketing.

Similarly to adding Label, removal of Label can be completed in trigger setting.