Trigger note

While using Trigger feature, there are something you need to know about it:

  • Trigger is premium feature which is only supported in Premium or Trial accounts
  • In Standard plan, you can create 3 triggers in maximum. In Advanced plan, you can use unlimited number of trigger.
  • If you select “Fire only once per visitor”: Trigger will be executed once only during a visit
  • If you change any parameter in Trigger, the changes will be applied in the next visit for all visitors who are browsing on website.
  • Click into (+) to add more condition or action
  • In one visit, Trigger implements auto invitation action once only
  • In case a visitor’s information meets the conditions of more than one trigger, then Subiz will execute the trigger that was created earlier based on the trigger list.

For example:

You set 2 triggers :

  • Trigger 1: Auto invite visitors who browsed at least 1 page
  • Trigger 2: Auto invite visitors who come to a certain page URL (for example: Payment page)

So when a visitor’s information meets both 2 conditions (Visitor page count >= 1 and page URL equals to abc.com/payment.html), Trigger 1 will be executed.