Using Pidgin – Windows

In this article, Subiz will let you know how to chat in Pidgin.


Click here to download Pidgin application to your PC

Add Subiz account

After installation follow those steps to add Subiz account:

  1. Accounts > Manage Accounts
  2. Click into Add
  3. An account adding form will appear:
  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: Your Subiz account’s username
  • Domain: Subiz.com (Always)
  • Password:
  1. After adding account, back to Account Manage table to Enable your account

Start chatting

Buddy list will show all visitors and agents who are online. Click into visitors to sending chat request.


  • You can enable several accounts at the same time
  • Change sound setting by click into Tools > Preferences.
  • Agent can chat with each other if using Pidgin