Using Trillian – Android OS

Not only being supported on iOS devices, you also can use Trillian on Android mobile phones. In this article, Subiz will show you all steps to install and set up Subiz account with android OS application.

  1. You have to Sign up a Trillian Account to log in this chat application.
  2. After that Click into Settings > Choose IM Accounts26
  3. Add a new Account
  4. Select Jabber/XMPP protocol45
  5. Insert your JID (username@subiz.com) and Password > Click into the Account and choose Connect
  • JID: Your Subiz’s username + @subiz.com (If you don’t remember your username. You have to log in Dashboard > tab Agent)
  1. Whenever visitors send message to you, the notification number will be displayed in Recents Menu as you can see in picture below.64
  2. As you can see, the interface of conversation is very friendly and professional. You can also attach file, image with Trillian.