Using Trillian – Windows

If you want to use Trillian application to connect your Subiz account, you can follow steps below:


  1. Click here to download setup file
  2. Install it1
  3. In the final step in installation, sign up an account3
  4. After finishing all steps, launching app and log in with Trillian account you’ve just registered

Add Subiz account

  1. Click into Trillian icon as the following image5
  2. Choose Manage Accounts
  3. You will see Preferences window. Select Add a new account > Jabber/XMPP6
  4. Type information8
  • JID: username + @subiz.com. For example: davidle@subiz.com
  • Password:
  1. Click into Connect

Start chatting

After loggin in sucessfully you will see the status as the image below:

You will see all online visitors in tab Contact