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What is a visitor?
Visitor information
Store and update visitor information

What is a visitor?

Visitors are people who access your website. Subiz uses cookies to track their visiting turn to identify whether they are new  or returned visitor. Basing on real-time visitor status, Subiz divides visitors into 2 type:

  • Active Visitors: People who are opening your website and taking some actions like read, click, scroll mouse…)
  • Idle Visitors:  People who has opened your website but inactivate around 5 minutes


Sum of these two visitors’ types is the number of online visitors who are browsing your website at a certain time. 

Visitor information


Subiz live chat software allows you to gather loads of important details that will help you gain crucial insights about your visitors and their behavior when they are on your website. Here is the details that you can know about visitors:

  • Name, Email, Phone, Avatar: These information was stored from the previous visit or transfered from website’s database to Subiz through API Javascript.
  • Time on site
  • Type: New or Return
  • Location: Country and City where visitor is accessing from. It’s identified basing on IP address.
  • Label: This information is displayed only when you set label action in Trigger.
  • Looking: The page (or very last page) which visitor takes an action
  • Referred: Referring pages where visitors come from.
  • Already looked: Pages that your visitors have already viewd on your website.
  • IP: Visitor’s IP address.
  • OS: Operating System of accessing device.
  • Chat history: In case a visitor has visited your website and chatted with agents, chat history will be stored at the chat window of dashboard for agent reviewing.

Update and store visitor information

Subiz uses real-time technology to update visitor information. Those contact details will be stored in Subiz database depends on your package (3 months with Standard package and 6 months in Advanced).

Using API Javascript to transfer visitor information is allowed .  API Javascript enable you to pull the data into Subiz from your website(in case your website has existed customer information). Via these information, you can set up smart trigger effectively.